Creepy Things People Have Found Inside Their Homes

Houses can hold a lot of memories and of course, a lot of stuff. Some people hoard their belongings in their garages to the point of not being sure on how most of those things got there in the first place. These are the stories of different objects that were found with no explanation at their homes and even some of them can be quite expensive and beautiful some of them are just creepy. Without an explanation on how they were hoarded in the first place, they will remain forever a mystery. What would you do if you found one of these objects in your home?


Daily Mail

This is a great story about how things work out in the end: a bankrupt couple was getting ready to have their home taken by the bank authorities and found a vintage comic that is valued in over a million dollars.

A well


Have you ever seen the movie The Ring? If you have, this well will give you nothing but chills and a great thrive of moving out of that house a soon as you can if you ever want to sleep again.

Mystery door


It may be a joke from the previous home owner but let’s be honest: who would want to take a chance and open a door that leads who knows where? Not me for sure.



Who doesn’t love to play Monopoly? Well, if you do, let me tell you that you are not the biggest fan: someone set a Monopoly board in the whole floor of a bedroom, and it’s really cool.


House Logic

There would be nothing weird about a kitchen but this one was located in the basement, which makes it very strange to think if someone was being held there for years and needed one.



Old photos can be easily forgotten during a moving, but this one in not only vintage but extremely weird and creepy. No offense to the baby, but I would rather not find this at home.



A military size skittles pouch was found in a home and it wouldn’t be weird to find any leftover candy there but this was never in circulation, which turns it into an odd finding.


NY Daily News

This is probably the greatest strike of good luck someone could possibly have: this antique figurine was found in a house and sold later on for over five million dollars in an auction. Not bad at all.



A couple who had just move into their new home found a safe containing 1960’s bourbon unopened, a Bingo set and finally: 50.000 dollars in cash. Just in case of an emergency.



We are not ones to judge kids and what do they choose to play with, but this is one scary dummy to have at home. I don’t know about you but I would rather play with an empty box and be much happier.

A painting


There is nothing as subjective as art and probably what someone finds beautiful, another one finds horrible. In this case, we have nothing to say about this bunny painting other than it’s creepy as hell.



A young couple was remodeling their brand new purchased home and were lucky enough to find 45.000 dollars in cash stored in two boxes. More than enough to get some new painting and furniture.



We know that more than one Star Wars fan would be thrilled to find this linoleum floor in one of the bedrooms of their house: the resemblance to the beloved R2-D2 character is outstanding.

Empty safe


If you happen to find a safe buried in the floor of your home, you would at least expect to find some money on it. Sadly, this was not the case and the only thing this safe was filled with was disappointment.

Blast from the past


Remember when watching a movie took a bigger effort than having electricity and wi fi at home? We would love to find something like this and never let us forget our roots and where we came from.

Time out


Time out is a classic punishment for kids when you need them to think about their actions and calm down. However, having a room just for this use seems at the very least, a bit excessive.



Remember that boy in Toy Story that was obsessed with harming toys? Someone found out after they moved that there were many hurt dolls with missing parts of them there.



A treasure hunt sounds like a lot of fun to play with your friends but we are not sure how fun it can be when you have no idea what the treasure might be and what you will find.



A couple of newlyweds found in their brand new love nest a bunch of home bottled beer bottles from the time where drinking was forbidden and we assume it was contraband.



Clowns have to make a living too and it is not that unusual to find a costume in an old house… unless you are afraid of them (like a lot of people are) and it’s creepy.

Art in the wall


We are not sure if this is some piece of extravagant art like Phoebe from Friends did or if there was some sort of psycho living there and this is what it looks like.



Shelters were very commonly build in the 60s by families who were concerned about their safety and survival in case of war. More than 50 years later, seems odd to find one.


Getty Images

This was found hidden in an abandoned house after the new owners moved in. It seems like it was being held there since the prohibition and nobody took it out before the old owners left.


The Telegraph

Finding a grenade in your house is not only weird but extremely dangerous: the thing could explode with no previous notice and cause a tragedy.



If finding a grenade at home is dangerous, imagine finding a bomb. We dont know how such a thing was hidden in a house but we sure are grateful we were not the ones to find it.



Artsy homeowners are everywhere and some of them leave a piece of their art behind when they leave: this very complex mural was found in one of the bedrooms and it’s not bad at all.

More money


Apparently, there are many people who don’t mind leaving a small fortune behind: it is quite impressive when you hear how many stories of left behind cash there are. Maybe the next lucky person to find some will be you.

Love letters


Someone found 31 handwritten love letters from World War I in the basement of his new house and we are jealous: what a great story to read and be a part of. If they end up together, of course.

Stained glass


Behind a painting that was left behind in their new bought home someone found two pieces of Chicago praire stained glass which were hidden to be kept safe. Too bad they were left behind.



Finding jewelry may be another way of life to tell you that you are truly blessed and lucky: some pieces may be worth millions and some people had enough luck to find them.

Van Gogh


An unsigned Van Gogh piece was found in a house after they moved in: even though without a signature works of art can lose a lot of their value, it’s still worth a lot of money.



This rusty knife that looks very antique was found in a home’s ceiling with no explanation. Judging by the rust on it, this was probably there a long time before anyone moved in.



Someone found an old peanut butter jar filled with corn. Doesn’t seem that weird since it’s food you may have at home, except this was stored since the mid seventies. That’s some old corn.

Founder’s keepers


We have read many stories about people finding money by chance but what makes this one unique is the ending: a man found 45,000 dollars and managed to find the owner and return them.

Real antiques


Why would you spend your Saturday afternoon antique shopping when you have the chance to find some treasures in your home that are more than 2,000 years old?

Grandma’s stuff


Grandmother tend to store and hoard the most ridiculous things in their houses, and this is a great example of it: all of this was found in a grandmother’s home after she passed on.

Dangerous things


We are not sure if whoever lived in this house was in the military or was just up to no good, but a lot of guns, some cash and a grenade were found in this basement and we are glad we are not the ones who found them.

Living Room


Can you imagine what was going on in your home way before you moved in or even before the house was constructed? This couple found a medieval well beneath the floor of their own living room.



What you are seeing in the back of this proud family is an amazing finding: a part of history and some local paintings and murals that won’t be repainted anytime soon.

Traveler’s cash


People say we never get to know our neighbors and what goes on behind closed doors but even less we know who lived before us: this family found money from every currency in the world there.

A threat


Letters, some valuable watches, mysterious tapes and of course: a warning that would scare the crap out of anyone who finds it. Save yourself from what? From who? Nothing like feeling unsafe in your own home.

An ancient chapel


Can you imagine the amount of energy that a chapel has? A family found an old chapel hidden in their basement construction. Whether they are religious or not, it’s a pretty weird discovery.

An ancient chapel


Can you imagine the amount of energy that a chapel has? A family found an old chapel hidden in their basement construction. Whether they are religious or not, it’s a pretty weird discovery.

Game changer


There is nothing strange about finding game pieces like chess pieces, cards and monopoly figurines in an old house…except you find an amazing total of 4,000 of them stored in there. Weird at least.



Some findings are extraordinary and historic and we can understand why someone would keep them, like this newspaper from the day after Kennedy was murdered that is a piece of written history.

A head


A 400 years old head was found inside an abandoned house by some workers that were working on construction. Probably under some treatment to keep in this way and of course, scary as hell.

This ornament


Probably this is not as weird as finding a human head but this ornament is still very strange: a frog riding a turtle that maybe has some special meaning but without any explanation, it just looks weird.

This painting


Art is subjective and the point here is not whether we like this or not, but to know that someone found this at their grandmother’s home and it was made by her…and it’s a portrait of her.

Teeth and glass eye


Someone must be in trouble if they forgot their teeth and glass eye before leaving the house and moving. It’s like your cellphone charger: always make sure you have it with you.



There are a lot of people who enjoy for some reason stuffing dead animals and making them a part of their decoration: someone left behind this squirrels who are set in the weirdest positions and situations.

When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Expect

Things can get out of control at any time. One minute you are alright and the next one you are putting out a house fire or calling the plague control because you found a boa inside of your toilet bowl. Don’t get me wrong, this is not meant to trigger your anxiety or anything, it is just an objective reality: Unexpected things can happen. Most times those unforeseen events are so bizarre and funny that you even have time to photograph them and we thank you for that. We gathered fifty photos that show fifty funny times when things got out of control.



This is what happens when you eat spicy and then go to the bathroom. Don’t get me started on those latrines you can find in some bathrooms, they are disgusting and uncomfortable as hell (this one looks like hell itself)



That was totally unnecessary, and it is quite unsettling. I don’t understand why would somebody do this. Does it have good connection? 3G, 4G? Wifi? Android? IOS? Is it expensive?



Hi, I am Brian, I like going to the movies and long walks on the beach. I also like eating 413 chicken tenders at once and spending a few days in Coma, how about you?



Oh my god, that looks biblical. The kind of biblical storm that stars in a Dwayne Johnson movie. Thanks god I don’t live in Phoenix! For that and for other reasons…



First I thought that „Jennifer’s Addiction“ was a rock band. It is a nice idea, if you use that name please let me know and at least send me a CD.



In the modern The Wizard of Oz the wicked witch of the East is crushed by a train. And the munchkins are subway workers. The city of Oz is at the end of the trail.



This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I even use my phone to make my phone ring so I can find it easily. If this doesn’t happen to you that means you are an alien.



Hey dad… Look… the three of us are ok, and that’s what really matters, right? Your boat is… well… dead. But the three of us are ok, and that’s what really matters, remember?



Apparently this guy loves this pen. He loves this pen so much that I would rather not touch it with my hands, give a glove because I don’t know where this pen was.



They told me that the puppy was good and nice. I guess they were lying, because he uses every chance he has to attempt to murder me and my girlfriend.



Hey dude, i’m going for a swim, the sea looks peaceful today. This is a fine example of how bad luck works. And I know a lot about bad luck, I have a PhD on bad luck.



This teacher took the job of going to the shop to buy a melon baller to stick it to the board. That’s a dedicated teacher. In your face, Robin William’s character in The Dead Poets Society.



If your family processes you a life insurance before go on vacation be careful and don’t do stupid things, because I think they are after you and the insurance money, Cindy.



An inception of household appliances. What really amazes me is that this video lasts 14:19 minutes. Who would have thought that you can survive that long after a radiation attack?



Imagine walking into your kitchen only to find this. I would sit in the floor with a lost expression thinking about all the things I’ve done wrong in my life.



My mom doesn’t have sense of humor. I mean, she has it, but in the real world. She takes internet too serious. So I guess she would scream and probably end up in the hospital If I do this to her.



I did a little research and the only city with an 11 million population is a city in China. The thing is how to find this guy that wants to kill them all, but that’s up to you, I’m not a cop.



See why I don’t want to move? Because if I leave my precious home I’m most likely to die. This puts me on a crossroad, because my biggest fear is to die alone in my home with no one finding me in months. I don’t know what to do.



„Hey, do you sell toilet paper?“

„Sure I do, how much do you need?“

„ALL OF IT. All the toilet paper in the world. My husband is not feeling very well“



I do this every second of my life. I am in front of my computer and I use my cellphone to browse the web when I could use the actual computer to do it.



What on earth happened here? Those are too many dead fishes. Thought I wonder how many dead fishes are too many dead fishes. But this seems like a lot of dead fishes. Ok, I’ll stop saying dead fishes.



I laughed at this one. Poor kids, but at least they are teaching to defend themselves. What really annoys me is the snapchat, we all know that the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about fight club. Millennials ruin everything.



I can’t think of a million of things creepier than seeing someone running with a smile that are happening at my home right now. And no, I’m not a psycho. I think.



This guy must be so tired of his life. Do you wanna help me make dinner? Take this, you stupid bastard! That girl is going to have serious daddy issues in the future.



Have you noticed that your pet could eat you in a single bite, Peter? Oh, you have. Ok, that’s great then. Take care. I will never go back to your home ever again.



*Honks* This must be a suicide prevention program. I’m sure that if you honk they will pull you over and talk you about how beautiful life is if you see the bright side of it. Meh.



Oh my god. There is no way you can take that paint off of that floor. I mean, you painted the entire world. This unsettles me in a terrible way.



Ok, so you are not only a psycho killer, you also are a cheap bastard that wants to take every single penny out of everything. I can’t judge you, I’m just like you, minus the psycho killer part.



This is what happens when they eliminate my favorite The Voice contestant. I usually stab my television screaming the names of the judges while I cry. I spend a lot of money on televisions.



I wonder what happened here, the delivery guy hit him? The door is open, so if he didn’t do it at least he had to see something. But again, I’m not a cop.



Barbara is the living proof that elder people are actually the devil. You see them as cute human beings but they are bad and mean. Don’t ever trust a grandma.



Well that’s an interesting proposition. The thing is… Who will shoot me afterwards? There’s a third person involved in all this? Mmmh.. I have my doubts but ok, let’s do this.



Hey Mickey, don’t take this the wrong way but i think you shouldn’t keep wasting money on businesses, because you don’t have the… talent? to do this. You are going to end up broke.



There is no time to waste in pitching the tent, Karen, let’s go. I will do it when I can do it. Come on, hop on, I told you I was in a hurry, are you deaf?



Ladies and Gentlemen we are experiencing a little inconvenience so we are going to ask to fasten your security belts, and pray to whoever is your particular god. Thank you very much.



My computer costed like a million dollars more because it had a touch screen so I am going to use it whenever I want to use it, ok? Leave me alone.



Mmmh… I can’t decide my order, please wait for me. I think I want a cup, but maybe I want corn. And I don’t want a cup of corn, that would be too much. This is hard.



This is why you have children, I don’t see any other reason. They cost a fortune and they don’t let you sleep, but you can use their hair to balance when you are skating.



This would only make sense if this bathroom was in some kind of cellar, but I don’t think it is, because I have lost all hope in human beings whatsoever.



I don’t think that’s the way fortune cookies work, but if you think you’ve done a good job who am I to judge, right? Keep on with the good job and maybe you’ll get promoted.



Imagine being in that bathroom. You finish your business and you start looking for the toilet paper anywhere, with your pants down. And then you look up. The guy who did that must be evil.



Come here, Becky, help me. Stand still, Becky, stop moving. You are useless, you don’t even have long hair to use you as balance when I skate. I’m calling child services.



That is not exactly how a cup works, but you can do whatever you want. Just don’t try to fill it up with anything hot or you’ll end up in the hospital.



I would think that the whole reason to cover you up from the rain was to prevent your computer from getting wet, but, What do I know? Maybe I’m wrong.



When you lied on your resume and said that you had previous experience working in human resources but you in fact ran away from the circus where you were a contortionist.



Something is off here but I don’t know what it is. Are the knives too small? The sign has a typo? I don’t know, can someone explain me, please? Do it while I buy a knife for my three years old.



This is actually an incredible idea! A little bit dangerous, but still a great idea! How do you step out of it without burning your whole body? That’s my only concern.



This girl wanted to look exactly like her idol, Angelina Jolie, so she went through more than fifty surgeries on her face to do it. It makes me so sad to tell you that you look like anything but Angelina Jolie.



Are you afraid of planes? Let me tell you that there’s a lot of ways in which you can get killed by one. In fact, a plane could kill you every step you take. Sorry.



The previous girl wanted to look like Angelina Jolie and it seems like this woman wanted to look like two enormous balloons. We celebrate that because anyone can be whatever they wanna be.

10+ photos of the worst wedding cakes ever baked.

Weddings are expensive, so expensive it doesn’t even make sense. But there’s people that are willing to make that sacrifice to have an unforgettable night and we respect that. And having in mind that a wedding can cost a fortune, we are only going to judge these wedding cakes by the concept. We know that you don’t have much money and that you did your best, But is that camouflaged cake really the best you can do? This is a list of the fifty worst wedding cakes ever imagined, cakes that someone (more than one person, actually) thought that were cute and perfect for a lovely evening.



This one is amazing, and it’s only the first. If you are not an Addams family member, I don’t know why on earth would you want this cake at your wedding.



This is a great augury, without a doubt. There’s nothing better than having a leaning cake (that is kinda hideous by itself) with those two guys on top. Good life, folks!



Oh! How sweet! What really amazes me is that at least two people (the bride and groom) decided that having this cake was a good idea. Someone should have told them to stop!



Because one wedding dress is not enough, you want to have two wedding dresses, and one that is actually made of pastry. I wonder you cut that thing in slices.



I never ever want to read, so I find this cake a little bit aggressive towards me. And let’s face it: Even if I wanted to read that thing, is unreadable, What the hell does it say?



I’m not very into country flags but I’m 90% sure that those are the colors of some african country. If that’s the case and this is an homage of your roots, that’s awesome. But if you wanted to make a funny looking sombrero, then please go away.



This is a sand castle, ok? Just a sand castle. Yes, the tower is… particular. But it is just a sand castle with no penis looking tower on top. I don’t know why but i think this is a bad idea and I wouldn’t eat that.



A mountain of yellow shit. That is how I would describe this cake in a horrible cakes catalog like this one. A mountain of yellow shit and the real flowers makes me wanna taste it like… never.



Ok, let’s be honest. This is not that horrible. It’s well done, and you can see there’s a lot of effort put on it, but there’s something about it quite unsettling.


A bunch of sweets, cookies, chocolate and marshmallow put together with two scary ghostly newlyweds on top, What a wonderful idea! The person who did this thing should change career.



This is what happens when the person in charge of the wedding cake forgets it and you have to run to a nearby Dunkin Donuts and solve the problem like you can.



OH MY GOD. I can’t even. I feel a little dizzy only by looking at this thing. What was the theme of that wedding? Horrible bad taste? Glowing in the dark realness?



When your cake looks nicer than you. This is art, so I’m not going to judge the actual cake, but the decision to have this cake at your wedding is terrible.



I took the time to count these cakes. I counted twenty two. Maybe there is more. I don’t know why would anyone do this, it would be so much easier and cheaper to do a regular cake.



If you identify yourself as a squirrel that’s your problem. But having this cake at your wedding is a complete no. Are those two real dead squirrels? I hope not.



This is more than unsettling. Those hands looks very real, but the kind of real that is creepy. I prefer a plain white cake, I don’t want to eat your hand.



I looked at the first picture and I thought the cake was shaped like a brown cat and that wasn’t so bad. Then in the second picture I thought it was poop. It was actually a lot worse.



I’m gagging. I don’t get this cake, is this salty? It is made of mayonnaise, ham and cucumber? What’s that red thing in the middle? This is more than disgusting.



Wedding cakes are supposed to be the stars of the night (after the bride, of course), so I don’t get why would you want to have a cake that is actually made to be hidden.



At first glance this cake isn’t that bad, but when you look at it again… What are those roundy things? They look like… condoms. I’m sure they are not, but I can almost taste the latex.



I’m pretty sure that this thing is made out of dead bodies. If that’s not blood i don’t know what could it be. If I were a family member I would call the police.



Did they get married on a battlefield? Because that cake looks like if it was bombed. And there’s no actual correlation between the color, those black spots and the ducks.



Well, this isn’t thaaat bad, and it actually looks delicious, but there’s something about it that makes me a little uncomfortable. Oh! Yes! I get it! ALL OF IT makes me uncomfortable.



This cake looks like it is going to tell you what’s the Hogwarts House where you belong. Maybe the newlyweds are a pair of potterheads. Or maybe they just have bad taste.


„What type of cake do you want?“ „I don’t have any preferences, just a cake. A regular dessert“ And this happened. You need to be very specific about your wishes, especially when desert sounds a lot like dessert.



I’m 99% sure that this was a good idea at the beginning but it turned out badly. Mainly because i don’t understand who would put those pink sausages on a cake.



This might look horrible, but it is probably more delicious than the rest of the cakes of this list. At least we know what’s in there. I approve, I „roll“ with it.



A lot of these cakes have a problem that is the melting. That is probably the problem here. I’m sure that it was correctly done, but they took it out of the fridge too early.



A serious case of „expectation vs. reality“. If you want a specific cake that you saw on Pinterest you need to be realistic. That cake would never be identical to your cake.



You only have to look at these people to know that they are probably not that normal, and that their wedding cake won’t be normal either. I really don’t know what they are trying to cut.



I love that color combination. Nah, just kidding. I want to think that this is a joke and that there’s no wedding happening here, but after looking at all the other cakes I don’t know.



Your soon-to-be husband and you have different opinions about everything? You can’t decide which cake design to choose? Don’t worry, you can always do this. And you can always divorce.



This was a great cake, an awesome cake. The best cake in this list without any doubt. But they decided to ruin it. That is why I don’t attend zombie weddings.



You could spend all that money in a cake that doesn’t look this horrible, but I guess you can spend your money (money that you probably got in a suspicious way) in whatever you want to.



This is another case of expectation/reality but the thing is that I don’t know which one is the expected one, because there’s no way anyone would want a cake that looks like three tires.



Don’t get me wrong: This cake is incredibly made. I’m sure that this cake looks exactly like the newlyweds and all that stuff, but this is a very weird idea, isn’t it?



Don’t say yes, Wendy Lu. This one has a funny thing: I’m pretty sure that the guy said „green sprinkles on the side“ and the person that did this actually wrote green sprinkles on the side.



The expected cake was already horrible, so this is not a matter of bakery, it is a matter of good taste and good life choices. Say no to the green and blue cake.



No. No. No. It doesn’t matter if you are a military, a hunter or just stupid. There’s no need of doing this shitty cake. Because that’s what it looks like.



There’s something rather sweet in all this: At least they are not killing each other. They will have a marvelous life killing people with a lawnmower and a saw. Cheers!



People usually decorate their wedding cake according to their tastes or maybe something funny that happened in their lives. I wonder what’s their story… Survivors? Fans of Lost? Treasure Hunters?



I thought that we made it clear already: Green cakes look disgusting. There’s something in green and brown pastry that never looks good. And don’t get me started about the cake top.



I have to be honest. I should have told this a long time ago but I couldn’t. The thing is… I hate cakes. I really hate them. But I love pizza, so this idea is terrible looking but awesome at the same time.



I need to know if this couple is still together, because if not I won’t believe in love anymore. He wanted a Batman cake, she wanted a sweet white cake. And they did this.



This one is disturbing because it looks like it’s supposed to be fancy. Pinterest Fancy. But it actually looks like something made by a three years old with mud and a spoon.



There’s something weird about this. The cake top is obviously too big for it, but the knife looks also big in comparison, so this must be a tiny tiny (and horrible) cake.



I wonder if those photos are edible. I want to eat uncle Jack. But please don’t eat grandma because this is the only picture we got of her. This cake is disturbing, to say the least.



These two met at an AA meeting, that is for sure. The cake is neatly made, and the little couple are kinda cute, but there was no need of including that vodka bottle.



If you wanted to make a statement and let us all know that you are american, we got it, Brian. You are trying so hard that we are beginning to suspect that you are hiding something.

Think twice before ordering your wedding cake, you don’t want to be in the second part of this list! Share this with your family, friends and fans, they will appreciate it!

Christmas Designs That Absolutely Failed

Christmas time is all about joy, happiness and sharing good times and celebrations with you loved ones. And of course, buying a lot of stuff to decorate your home in the Holiday season that seem unnecessary and impractical for the rest of the year. Still, there are some nice thing available for sale to give your home the Holiday spirit it deserves. But some designs may fail and here are some hilarious examples of how a little mistake can add up to a huge disaster that may not give you a joyful spirit but can get us all to laugh out loud. The most wonderful time of the year is here and it has some funny fails.



There is nothing as fancy as setting your table specially for a Holiday but what is with this peculiar shape? Dr. Freud would be glad to be invited to this dinner.

Wrapping paper gone bad


Yes, you thought right: the real message for this wrapping paper was a very Christmas feeling quote „Let it snow“. Sorry, not quite right. Unfortunately a little smaller present can give this message.

Intimate lights


There is nothing more beautiful that city light set up for the Holiday Season giving the whole landscape a cheerful spirit. In this case, they are apparently celebrating underpants.

Got it


The end of the year is a crazy time for all of us, right? This also includes marketing directors, copywriters and anyone who thinks is necessary to clear that these are bell shaped bells.

Report Santa


Are you serious? Who could possibly have approved this going on the market? We can’t even begin to explain how wrong and on how many levels this is. Please, stop. Seriously.

Wicked bears

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Walking dead army of bears. Honestly, the idea of bears wearing scarfs in the middle of the snow seem cute, but the evil eyes just makes this creepy.

Don’t do it, Santa


Christmas time can be very rough among depressive people and it’s a known fact that the suicide rate usually goes up during this time. Call for help and don’t jump for joy, please.

Candle holders


How sweet it is the thought of angel shaped candle holders lighting a peaceful and beautiful Christmas table…except they didn’t think how this comes up when they put the candles in.

Candle ending


I’m not sure what was the idea behind this penis shaped candle but the sprinkle base doesn’t do the trick when it comes to covering the whole picture. A very disturbing picture.



A custom made printed cup seems like a wonderful idea, unless you order it online and you get this literal result that can be either very disappointing or the laugh of a lifetime depending on who gets it.

Naughty Santa


Take a minute and think of the whole production chain a product has to go through before being available on a store: designers, safety, focus groups…how did this end up in a shelve?

Christmas tree


Most cities usually set up Christmas trees to give the place a very Holiday look. Unfortunately, and unless before it gets decorated, this tree looks very much like an adult toy.

Diversity Santa


If you are not sure of what you are looking at, let me explain it to you: this is a lighting structure of Santa Claus…on top of another Santa Claus. Let’s hope than when they light it it looks different.

Chocolate surprise


Whoever made the plastic mold for this supposed Chocolate Santa has a very strange sense of humor: there is no doubt that this is not, has ever been and will never be Santa Claus.

Is that a candle?


Beautiful city lights strike again in the shape of a…wait, is that supposed to be a candle or is this another very weird joke? Maybe is mistletoe in the shape of…you know what that shape is.

Cup fail


We love Christmas decorations on mugs and disposable coffee cups but why does it look as if someone is spreading the legs (let’s call that the legs, please) on your coffee cup? We’ll never know.



Call them what you want, if that is how your marketing strategy works but isn’t this a little too forward for a Christmas light set? We are one vowel away from making this an X rated product.

I will not eat those pancakes


Can you imagine that delicious tower of warm pancakes served at your table on a freezing Christmas morning? What a beautiful image…except when we realize where the syrup is coming from.

Crappy tree


A Christmas tree should only look like an emoji of a Christmas tree. This is very unique at least and we are not judging but we wonder who made the decision of this tree in the middle of a mall.

Baby Jesus


We have seen many interpretations of baby Jesus, but this one is by far the most original one: it looks like a toe whit a face painted on it. We wonder how he rest of the hand looks like.



Look at this picture: there is nothing wrong with it, right? Just a happy kid posing with his tree. Now take a closer look at the kid, his Holiday sweater and what Santa is doing on the drawing.

Business on the front, party on the back.


This figurine looks great on the front but make sure that if you use it to decorate your home that is placed right by a wall where you can’t see how it is shaped on the back. Do it for your grandmother.

Weird palm tree


It’s quite common that if you don’t have a Christmas tree you put lights on anything that is on your garden, regardless of the shape but beware: this does not look like a sacred tree. Not at all.

Candle holders, volume 2


This angel was nothing weird or perverted before someone let the light on top of it drop on this very weird finish image. Please, at least use some colored candles to make it less weird.

What is that?


What kind of animal is this supposed to be? Not sure why it has a tree coming out of its bottom and even less sure what any of this has to do with the Holiday Season. Can you explain it?

It’s a Christmas Party


Snowman are some of the most classic and iconic figurines that we see in the Holiday Season, but we have never seen it in this position before. Is this weird or are our minds too dirty?

Santa’s beard


Let’s ignore the look on Santa’s eyes and let’s redirect or focus to the beard. Why on Earth is this made of children? Is this normal? Can Santa Claus please go to a doctor or something?

Holiday Leggins


We love Christmas outfits and clothes you can only wear in this season before looking like an idiot on the street. What is up with these leggings, though? Why is Santa saying hello there? Who made this?

Holiday Sperm


We are all in favor of making your ornaments as unique as possible: the Christmas tree decorations are a great place to get extra creative but, do you want this in your home? We don’t.



We all love a Christmas mug with an inspirational quote or word on it: sadly, this one seems to be sprayed on with blood and there is nothing joyful about this: this is just creepy. Really creepy.

Talented reindeer


We are trying not to look at this stuffed reindeer with a dirty mind but it is impossible: it seems like it’s doing what it’s doing. You are thinking that too, don’t act so innocent.

Math issues


There is no greater disappointment than getting an awful gift for Christmas after looking forward to it all year: unless you are promised four ornaments in a package that clearly contains three.

Mythology Santa


This makes a lot of sense if you think about it for a second: both centaurs and Santa Claus are myths so a marketing genius decided to mix them up in one smart figurine. We dig it, do you?

Color me


This coloring book has a strange detail on one of the paintings: there is a weird little boy looking at women getting undressed in a fitting room. Who let this one go to print? Honestly?

More lights


Apparently, there is a major design failure that affects all Christmas lights in the streets: do you not see a very specific shape on them? What was that supposed to be in the designer’s mind?

Reindeer’s day off

Those poor reindeer must be exhausted from carrying all those presents and Santa himself around, so the luxury brand Lindt decided to set up some Easter bunnies to replace them. Good thinking.

What the hell?


We have seen so far many shapes that we know that were intended to look different and had some execution mistakes but what on Earth was this supposed to look like? If you know, leave a comment.

Pole dancing snowman


This is not as bad as some of the other pictures we have shown you: a happy snowman that looks as if it was doing some sort of pole dance. Maybe paying off his student loans, who knows.

Crappy holidays


Do you know those people who get carried away with Christmas decorations and seem to add a Holiday detail to each and every thing they own? Well, we have found the perfect present for them.

Design fail

We don’t want to know what Santa did before climbing off our home to leave the presents but apparently, this huge design fail has a theory to share. Too private to know but thank you for sharing.

Reese’s trees


Nothing is quite disappointing as opening a candy bar that is supposed to have a specific shape and noticing is nothing like the picture: what type of tree this is? Still, Reese’s are delicious.

It’s all shaped the same


Is this supposed to be an ornament? Mistletoe? Honestly, how do these things end up being proudly displayed on stores? Don’t you have an employee, a friend or someone to tell you what this looks like?

Please do


„Don’t open till Christmas“, says in this little girl’s onesie. Why wouldn’t you change your daughter’s diaper for days? Was she so bad? Do we need to call Social Services for this beautiful child?



We are not sure what the safe word is for this stuffed animal that some kid got as a present but we highly recommend not to buy this unless you want to explain a thing or two to your children.

I’ll be watching you


Whoever painted this angel’s face deserves to go straight to hell: how can you make an adorable figurine and tree ornament look so damn creepy? I wouldn’t sleep with that at home.

So close


Seriously guys? You had one job for this wrapping paper, you got the Santa Claus part right (which was the hardest) and all you had to do was get the „Ho ho ho“ part right? So close anyway.

The bag


On the front, this rain deer bag looks so cute: it has a smiley cartoon on it but wait until you see it the side on it: yes, another thing that looks like a penis. Please, get some designers and pay them next year.



We are trying very hard to see the good intentions on this picture: a slide that represents Santa’s way of travelling but again, looks as if it’s something quite perverted. Please, stop, you are ruining Christmas.

Gun control


We don’t really get it but we know that there are some gun’s fans around the world who would be thrilled to have this Christmas lighst at home. Please, do not invite us to your Holiday Party.

Photos That Show How Incredible And Bizarre China Can Be

China is one of the most exotic destinations of all. It is a country that is completely different to others, even to those that are really close. It is a whole new world of strange traditions, customs, products and places. We gathered fifty photos that show how strange, incredible and bizarre living in China can be. You won’t believe what they can eat, where they can live and what they can do. And the funny thing about it is that they are so used to it that don’t even care about eating eggs boiled with piss. Take a look at these fifty images, they will certainly amaze you!



Considering that the chinese tiger can eat more than 40 kilograms of meat in a single seat, I don’t think why would I want to be so close to one and even take a picture with my baby.



Crocodile meat is used for medical purposes in China since the sixteenth century at least. They say it taste like chicken and they usually include it in soups. And it is sold in the market.



This insane hotel that looks like a ping pong paddle is part of a sport complex that is full of buildings that look like balls, paddles, rackets and stuff. The handle is an observation deck.



China is the most populated country on earth, that makes it also the one with the biggest population density. That means that this happens when you go to a beach.



Chinese people discovered that tourism is a big source of income, and they are doing their best to make foreigners comfortable translating things to english. I want God with vanilla, please.



Reading this you may think that chinese people is cannibal, but I don’t think they are. They are just too literal with the translations and they rely too much on google translate.



Like I said, they trust too much in translators and internet in general, but that’s only because they want to give you the best treat. Don’t eat the Wikipedia, is a little bit spicy.



This sign is asking you politely not to light up any explosives at this gas station. Thank god they did it, because I was think of lighting up some firecrackers while I wait.



In China you can find odd combos like this one. Because it seems like you are most likely to need three Snicker bars when you buy batteries for your remote, right?



This weird guy that seems to be a cartoon character, hanging on a random street. I wonder if this is some kind of religious figure. If it is, then it has all my respect.



Yes, we might look like a not so clean street food restaurant. But we are more than that. Our chickens are awarded not only but four times. Take that, KFC.



In China you can find Teabucks, that is like a Starbucks but… well, of course: For tea. This is a nice way to mess with americans that are looking for their signature coffee shop.



Who says you can’t have ducks as pets? Well, if you ever visited a park with a duck lake you probably know the answer: They are assholes. Maybe the chinese ducks are more polite.



I wouldn’t like to be the one that is in charge of this bin of live frogs in Walmart. How do they manage to keep them there? If that was my job I’m sure they would be hopping all around the market.



It seems like in China you can find not only turkeys, snakes and turtles, you can also see two headed wolves, babies raised by goats and monkeys with human faces. I wonder what this advertise.



We heard your prayers. You were tired of having to go to the creek every single day to grab your fresh turtle. Those days are over! Now you can keep a bunch of frozen turtles in your freezer.



You’re probably thinking that China is pretty insecure, but that’s not true. China is very safe, I’m sure they did the math to achieve this. But try not to be near this truck, just as a precaution.



Ok, I take back what I said. It seems like they did a little miscalculation. Luckily the truck had no one on board. I don’t know how is it hanging, though.



People are too into peanut butter. They are so into peanut butter that they are quite violent when it comes to it. Don’t ever say shit about Peanut butter, ok?



I wonder if there’s some kind of Chinese Hogwarts. If there is, this is probably their equivalent of Diagon Alley, where you can buy your magical school supplies and stuff.



If you are tired of regular babies you can try a cheese baby. They don’t cry that much and you can taste a bite while you are watching tv. You can also find butter babies and pizza babies.



Chinese children always fear the moment when their mothers tell them to go to the store to buy a crispy giant squid for dinner. I guess we are having squid soup tonight.



Naps are sacred in most parts of the world. In China they won’t even wait to get home, they take naps wherever they can. On a chain, for example. That back is going to hurt.



This animal is called Takine and it is pretty popular in some chinese areas. It looks funny because it is kind of a mix between a sheep and an ox.



It took me a while to understand that this is a sign with a photograph. I hope those two were not cheating on their couples, because that will be there forever.


In chinese markets you can find an insane amount of different eggs. I don’t even want to know what animal laid that brown ones, and I don’t want to taste them either.



I’m sure there’s a good explanation for this miracle. Sadly the owner of the cat began to worry that he might fly away and cutted his wings. Poor little thing.



Poor pig, this looks uncomfortable, but I’m sure he (she?) is used to it. At least it is the only pig in the farm that can imitate the farmer and have a good laughs.



In China you sure can find strange clothes. These men underwear, for example. That looks kinda comfortable though, but I’m really curious about the antibacterial effect, how does it work?



This is the definition of daredevil. I mean, you can’t find anything more daredevil than riding a bike on a wire with a dude hanging from a ladder above six hungry tigers.



Imagine being on an airplane and being forced to come down to push the aircraft. I don’t know what they intend, though, are they trying to get the plane in the water?



I have too many questions about this photo. The only thing I get is that those are starfish, that are not gross but I won’t eat them by any chance. But are those… lizards?



In some chinese areas they use geese instead of police dogs. And if you are wondering if they are effective I’ll ask you this one more time: Have you ever been in a duck lake?



Don’t ask me why but in some subway stations in China there are vending machines that sell LIVE FROZEN CRABS. I’m glad, though. I usually want a frozen crab and can’t find one.



In many chinese companies they install protective nets outside to prevent employee’s suicide attempts. This is so much better than providing therapy, mental health or whatever. The worst part of this is that they are really helpful.



Traditional chinese families believe that dead young unmarried relatives should be married. That’s why they buy corpses to marry them. A corpse can cost up to 3,500 dollars, depending the „quality“ of the dead person.



A lot of Chinese cities have very high levels of pollution, and that’s why they sell bottles and cans of fresh air with different flavours, to escape from the smog.



Cockroaches are used in China for medicine and cosmetics. And lately cockroach farms are starting to multiply. They keep millions of bugs in huge rooms, and they sold them for 20 dollars a pound.



In occident we are used to cities that grow along with the population. But in China, Cities are created and built first and then occupied, generally by people that come from the rural areas.



In China there’s a lot of development. But some people don’t get used to progress, and don’t want to leave their houses. Nail Houses are the houses that have to be left there because their inhabitants don’t want to leave.



In China people wear their pajamas everywhere, including public spaces and the streets. Wouldn’t it be great to go to work in your pajamas without being judged? I would love to.



Actually, it is called „Chilling“, a chinese lifestyle that treats the public space like private. That’s why you can see people just hanging in the streets like if they are in their homes.



Facekinis are very popular in China. They are used to avoid sunburn, excessive UV ray exposition, and even jellyfish and insect stings. They are made of the same fabric as the swimming suits.



Do you like boiled eggs? In China you can find eggs boiled in the urine of 10 years old boys. They gather the urine in schools. It is supposed to protect the body from heart attacks and joint pain.



In China young men have a lot of pressure regarding marriage. They should marry young, and when they can’t do it, they rent a bride to take a few photos and show the family that you got married.



Pandas are a big deal in China. They look after them with much care and they use this funny (and kinda creepy) panda suits to fool cubs when they are rescuing them.



In China motherhood is important (of course) and mothers must spend one month in bed after giving birth, in order to regain energy and „heal their wombs“. Having more than one child is illegal.



In China there are a lot of crazy themed park. One of the craziest is The Kingdom of Little People, where little people are hired to perform in front of the crowds.



China not only has one but the two longest bridges in the world. The funny thing about the one you see in the picture, the Qingdao, is that not too many people use it.



Chinese cities are growing making gigantic steps, but in their own way: They build fake stores all over the country. They are not fake as in they are not stores, they are actual copies of American stores and products, like Apple.

Unknown Movie Facts

What’s up movie nerds! Here it is, a mass of interesting facts about your favorite movies that you can pass off to your friends, or use them to beat everyone during trivia night at your local pub. Movie trivia is endlessly fascinating and bound to help you score points, since tales of amusing prop malfunctions that made movies better, to strange behind-the-scenes stories. We’ve done the heavy lifting and picked up from thousands of film facts to surface the most interesting tidbits. The list features nuggets about cult classics, box-office blockbusters, superhero movies and more. How many did you know?

Fight Club


When filming „Fight Club“ (directed by David Fincher) Brad Pitt voluntarily chipped pieces of his frontal tooth down because he thought it would suit his character, a man who creates a club to fight recreationally with other guys. He got them restored.

Gone with the wind


For the movie „Gone with the wind“ it took 1400 women to be interview to get the part of Scarlett O’Hara. Eventually, actress Vivien Leigh got the part, although she almost lost it due to her British accent.

China Town


Jack Nicholson was dating Angelica Houston when filming China Town, daughter of John Huston, his on screen nemesis. Actually, she was present the day that her father asked Jake Gittes „Did you sleep with my daughter?“

Almost Famous


The cast of Almost Famous rehearsed for four hours a night, for six weeks, so they could credibly portray the rock band „Stillwater“. In fact, Bee Gees‘ Peter Frampton taught Billy Crudup how to play the guitar

Snakes on a plane


Samuel L. Jackson signed up for Snakes on a plane because of its title. In fact, the studio tried to change the name to „Pacific Air Flight 121„, but he asked personally to have the title changed back.

Jurassic Park


The dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park are made from scratch, of course, since nobody knows how they sounded like. What we didn’t know is that the raptor sound is in fact…a mad goose.

Princess Mononoke


When Princess Mononoke producers wanted to edit it to make it as commercial as possible, he received a katana from the director Hayao Miyazaki with a simple message „No cuts.“



In Iron Man movies, J.A.R.V.I.S (voiced by Paul Bettany) is an acronym for „Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.“. The name comes from Stark’s former butler, Edwin Jarvis.

Hunger Games


Josh Hutcherson in order to prepare himself for his role as Peeta read the entire Hunger Games saga in five days! In fact he says he clicked with the role the minute after he read the books.

Harry Potter


Daniel Radcliffe used 160 pairs of prop glasses while filming the Harry Potter series It should be no surprise that he took home two pairs of them, one from the first movie and one from the last one.



The famous scene in Alien when the monster comes out of John Hurt’s stomach was a a shocking surprise for the actors, since they weren’t told what was going to happen.

James Bond


Brits take their fashion seriously. James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was not allowed to wear a full tuxedo by contract in any non-James Bond movie from 1995 to 2002.

The African queen


During the production of The African Queen, Katherine Hepburn drank nothing but water as a protest against John Huston and Humphrey Bogart’s alcoholism. Eventually, almost the entire cast and crew got water poisoning except two of them…Bogart and Huston, since they only drank whiskey.

The Hangover


Speaking of dental issues Ed Helms‘ tooth is actually missing since he was a teenager, so during the production of The Hangover, he got the permanent implant removed by his dentist.

Nut Room Scene


Charly and the Chocolate Factory’s director Tim Burton had Forty squirrels trained to crack nuts during the Nut Room scene, instead of using CGI. He didn’t want to take any shortcuts, since he wanted it to be as real as possible. He had an animal trainer working with him for eight weeks.



The cast from Grease was actually much older than their characters. John Travolta (Danny) was 23, Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) was 28, Stockard Channing (Rizzo) was 33, Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) was 26, Michael Tucci (Sonny) was 31, and Kelly Ward (Putzie) was 20.



Christopher Lee (Saruman) was a huge Lord of the Rings die-hard fan even before shooting the movies. Not only he was the only one from the cast to ever met J. R. R. Tolkien, he read the books once a year since it was published until his death in 2015



Not all movies have a huge budget. In fact, Michael Myers‘ unforgettable mask in Halloween is a Captain Kirk mask that was purchased for two dollars and was altered for the film.

Better late than never


Do you feel bad about not getting your college diploma just yet? Don’t worry, Steven Spielberg finished college in 2002 after a 33 year break. He used The Schindler’s List for his student’s film requirement



The movie industry was not left out during The Cold War. Soviets made their own version of The Hobbit in 1985. You can watch it on Youtube. It’s worth the popcorn.



True love comes in all sorts of ways. Disney knows a thing or two about this. In fact, the voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie from 1930’s movies got married in real life.

Martin and Leo


Many directors are known for maintaining an actor through the years. Martin Scorsese got his wonder boy Leonardo Di Caprio for so many years that Hugo was the first production in twelve years not to feature him.

Poor Alfred


Walt Disney hated Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho so much, that he refused to allow him to film at Disneyland in the sixties. Walt felt Psycho was a „disgusting movie“.

Peter Ostrum


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s actor Peter Ostrum, who portrayed the role of Charlie left the film industry after shooting the film and never came back. He works as a veterinarian now.

Scary House


The Conjuring is based on a true story. In fact, the real house the story is based on had eight generations of families in the house and some of them are known of dying in tragic accidents. Many people suggest that some of the spirits from the families never left

Learning to drive for the role


Fast and the Furious actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster did not have their drivers‘ licenses or even learners‘ permits before shooting the movie. Jordana had to learn in New York, a challenging place to start

Django Unchained


When Leonardo DiCaprio was shooting Django Unchained he had a scene where he smashes his hand on the table, the actor accidentally crushed a glass with his palm and ignored it, staying in character. Tarantino actually used that scene in the final cut

Cute Boo


Monters, Inc Boo’s real voice actress does justice to her lovely character. Mary Gibbs was a toddler back then and the crew couldn’t get her to stay still and read the lines, so they let her play in the studio while following her with a mic.

The Final Joke


Heath Ledger went through a lot of inner work to play The Dark Knight’s Joker. Michael Caine, who portrayed the role of Alfred, was so scared of him that he forgot his lines in the first scene they had to shoot together.

Clumsy Anna


Anne Hattaway’s first role in The Princess Diaries has a scene where she trips and falls on the bleachers. That scene wasn’t scripted, it was just a clumsy move by Anne, but the director liked it and kept it on the final cut.

The hateful eight


Kurt Russel accidentally broke an antique guitar from the 1800s while filming The Hateful Eight instead of a prop due to a miscommunication. In the final cut you can see Jennifer Jason Leigh scream afterwards.



Sylvester Stallone wanted the boxing scenes looked real in Rocky IV, so he told Dolph Lundgren to actually hit him. A punch to the chest left him in intensive care for eight days.

Destroy all the props: 2001


A Space Odyssey’s director Stanley Kubrick sent to destroy all of the props and sets from the movie because he didn’t want them to be used in any other science fiction films.

A very important lunch


A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Monster Inc. and Wall-E where originally ideas that came up during a lunch break at Pixar in 1994 with filmmakers John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Joe Ranft

Not a mafia movie


Paramount’s producer Robert Towne wanted Francis Ford Coppola to make The Godfather at all costs even though the director was uninterested in the project. Coppola signed in when he decided to make it a film about American capitalism and not the mafia.



Stanley Kubrick called Stephen King almost every day at 3am to ask him questions about The Shining. According to King, one exchange had the director ask the author, „Do you believe in God?“. When he said yes, Kubrick yelled „I knew it!“ and hung up the phone down.

Nirvana Fiction


Courtney Love insists that the role of Lance, the heroin dealer in Pulp Fiction was offered to Kurt Cobain. Tarantino refuted this claim, saying he never even met the late Nirvana singer.

Thank you, Viggo’s son


Viggo Mortensen replaced Stuart Townsend at the last minute for Aragorn, that’s a known fact, but the actor had no intention of joining the franchise of Peter Jackson until his son begged him to do it.

Reading for the first time


Francis Ford Coppola read passages from Heart of Darkness to Marlon Brando on the set of Apocalypse Now after learning the actor had never read the source material. The production was shut down for a week while Coppola read Brando the script out loud

Picky Sean


Sean Connery gets picky when it comes to accept roles. He turned down many parts in several movies, including The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Indy IV and Blade Runner.

He’s not Batman


Bill Murray was on top of the list to be Batman until Tim Burton came on board and decided to go on a different direction. He was also close to get the part of Han Solo in the Star Wars movies, but George Lucas decided to hire Harrison Ford.

007 upbringing


James Bond’s formative years were spent in Germany and France, these fact is revealed in the penultimate Ian Fleming 007 novel, You Only Live Twice. His parents were Scottish and Swiss

American Psycho


Christian Bale based some parts of his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the movie star. According to director Mary Harron, Bale said he saw „this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes“.

Burning down bridges


The bridge blown up in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood was prematurely detonated by a Spanish Captain. After learning of his mistake he ordered his troops to rebuild the bridge, only for it to suffer another explosion once complete.

Pregnant Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot was actually five months pregnant while filming the reshoots for Wonder Woman. The film’s director, Patty Jenkins said she didn’t miss a beat: „She’s pregnant during part of the movie, in a suit out in a field in the freezing cold in others“. A real life Wonder Woman.

Mick Jagger


Anthony Burgess considered selling A Clockwork Orange movie rights to Mick Jagger with the intention of Jagger playing Alex and the rest of the Stones playing the other Droogs. Thank God that never happened.

The weird sisters


Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey from Pulp and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead were part of The Weird Sisters in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Jason Buckle (All Seeing I) and Steven Claydon completed the line up.

Breakfast club is cancelled


The Breakfast Club was supposed to have had sequels every ten years where the club reunites, but those plans were impossible to achieve since Judd Nelson and John Hughes hated each other.

Not CGI for Tobey


In Tobey Mcguires‘ Spider-Man movie there’s a scene where Peter Parker rescues Mary Jane and her lunch when she slips in the cafeteria. That scene was not a result from CGI. It was all Tobey’s. They used sticky glue stuff to stick his hand to the tray

Who run the world? Ripley!


Ripley from Alien was supposed to be a male character initially. She was then made a woman because audiences at the time would not expect the lone survivor to be female.

10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

Have you ever came across a weird finding or situation that seems hard to believe but actually happened? Well, the Internet usually has the ability of gathering those magical moments in pictures so you know that even though it doesn’t make them any less magical, it happens a lot. Have you ever had one of those inexplicable moments happen to yourself? These people did and were lucky enough to have photographic evidence to remember them and also, to have people that can witness how funny life can get sometimes. It maybe a weird person, a coincidence or things we can’t explain, but we love these type of things, don’t you? Life has a funny way: check out these 10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

Aisle pants


Walking down the aisle with your arm wrapped around your father might be one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life…except if his pants fall down, in that case is just hilarious.

Tail sucking dog


Have you ever entered a room and found your dog doing something weird for no particular reason? This happened to this man who found his best friend sucking on his own furry tail.



Imagine going to the supermarket for some last-minute grocery shopping like this person did and finding out that the person in front of you waiting in line has a ferret on top of her head.

Google maps


This guy saw the Google maps car next to his home and like most people do, decided to take a selfie with it on the back to post on his social media…without knowing that they pictured it too and add it on google maps.



This person was driving to work on a regular day and saw some emus running like crazy in the middle of the road. The explanation is yet to be found, but this picture is as weird as it is funny.

Daring deer


This man’s grandfather was trying to open his car when for no reason at all, a deer decided to jump on him and hug him. Luckily someone took a picture of that incredible moment to remember.

Large cat caregiver


This woman is someone’s grandmother and she had been telling her family for years that as a vet she would take care of dangerous animals. Nobody would believe her until they found this picture.

Rocket launches


Someone has to take the pictures of rockets when they launch, that is a fact, but this person realized that one of his dearest friends was actually in charge of portraying those outstanding moments.



This man was out of town enjoying a vacation with his family when he noticed a resemblance with the guy on the billboard: yes, he looks exactly like himself and it’s awesome.

Guy with goose


The backstory behind this picture is amazing: a guy was playing with his kids at the park when he saw an adult man walk to a goose, pick him up and leave with him on his arms.



Do you believe in love stories? You will after reading this: a man found a random phone number in a message in a bottle and decided to call. She picked up and they had been together ever since.



This woman works in a store and had been swearing that a turkey was looking at her through the window all week. Nobody believed her until she took this picture. What did the turkey want?



This man and his twin brother were told many times by their mom that when they were kids, they have hanged out with twin sisters…without knowing that they were, in fact, the Olsen twins.



This woman bought a disposable camera and found this picture already taken in it: we don’t know how it out there but it’s kind of scary, don’t you think? We would freak out if it was us.

License plate


This guy decided to remove the license plate out of his car to have it perfectly cleaned up, and found a terrible thing: a lot of bugs seemed to be nesting inside for god knows how long.



We all know raccoons love garbage but we never imagined that it could get to this point: when he was driving to work that morning, this man saw one hanging from the garbage truck.



This is simply hilarious: this man whose photos you can find in the Facebook page of the event have a simple detail: the VIP pass is an old grocery store ticket wrapped around his wrist.

Albino deer


Nature always finds a way to amaze you when you least expect it: in this case this crazy looking albino deer (a very weird variation of the specie) walking around the forest like it’s no big deal.



This person was waiting for his luggage at the airport when suddenly anything he could have bought abroad didn’t look so weird: someone dispatched this tree stick as luggage. It’s so weird.

Chris Pratt


Not only this woman had the exceptional luck to take a picture with Chris Pratt in an event, but also to have Anna Faris on the background making a funny face of disgust. Or she was disgusted.



Can you imagine being bored to death at work, trying to get to a window and catch some air just to find a policeman trying to hold a running cow? This person saw that and took a picture.

Grandpa’s friends


This guy’s grandfather had been bragging about the lady friends he had made at the nursing home and nobody in the family believed him until after passing out, they found this picture at his home.



This man left his car for two minutes and when he tried to get back in found a rabbit who seems ready to take him anywehere. We are not sure how he would reach the pedals, though.



This person opened his car to check on some weird noises coming near the engine and found the most adorable raccoon that you have ever seen looking at him and almost smiling.

Dorito fall


This may seem silly but if you think about it, it’s very unexpected: this man left a Dorito fell down and it landed perfectly like this. We would have taken a picture of it too, by the way.

No glue


If you have some free time on your hands, magical things may happen. This person tried making a figurine out of Jenga pieces and did this with no glue. And it didn’t fall, which makes it extraordinary.

Tom Cruise fake


When visiting Thailand, a couple went to a restaurant and found this strange picture in the wall: someone passed as Tom Cruise, the owners bought it and his picture is proudly there ever since.

Khal Drogo


This may look as a frame of a Game of Thrones episode but actually happened in Austin, Texas and we can’t find any explanation to it other than saying how extraordinary this is.

Unbreakable bottle


How on Earth did this happen? A bottle that was not broken even with a wall on it. Do you think someone threw it like that with fresh cement and it stood there? How did this ever happen?

Donut squirrel


We are used to picture them eating nuts and walking around parks, but someone managed to take this extraordinary picture of a squirrel eating a glazed donut filled with colorful sprinkles.

S and M


We are all up for people doing whatever they want behind closed doors, but someone actually went out of their home and found this particular picture with this men even barking.



Imagine meeting a celebrity in an elevator: in this case this guy ran into famous actor Nicholas Cage and he even got him to get a picture taken of the two while riding it.

Car pooling


This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of car pooling: this man woke up and found his neighbor’s car inside their pool. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Nose picker


This guy went into the zoo and was offered to hold a bird for the picture: nothing extraordinary there until the bird decided to pick his nose and thank god, it was photographed.

So cold


If you live in freezing places during the winter you will probably understand how terrible weather must have been for this: the toilet water froze and became solid ice, without the chance of flushing it.



Extraordinary findings wait for those who take the time to notice them like this guy who was waiting for the bus, sitting down, and showing that underneath his pants he was also wearing jeans.

Someone had sex


This woman went to get some gas and realized that something weird was on top of the car next to hers: marks of hands that show that somebody had some midnight action on top of it.



A beaver took down a light pole and cut the electricity in many blocks, including this couple’s wedding place. Apparently, he was very offended not to be invited to the party.

Lizard eggs


This man decided to open the lights at home due to some electrical problems and found lizard eggs being nested inside it. If you are terrified of lizards, this photo probably freaked you out.

Empty cup


We don’t know if someone tried to throw it inside and it just landed there or if someone took the time to arrange the empty cup this way, but we know it’s extraordinary how it’s holding up.

Eclipse front row


Many of us can’t even dream to afford a telescope, but this person’s neighbor had an idea and decided to get a front row for the Eclipse in this particular position. Quite remarkable.



Pubs and bars are often a great setting for the unusual and the extraordinary but this picture of a man peeing like this is beyond all expectations. Do you think he made it dry?



This woman was walking near a TV set and was confused for an extra, so she decided to take the chance for some screen time. Her fifteen minutes of fame ended up on the show The preacher.

Window broken on the plane


This might be some of your biggest nightmares, but it did happen and someone took a picture of it: during a commercial flight, the windows on the plane got smashed and here’s how it looked.



Those opening bridges always make us think what would happen if someone doesn’t get to cross in time: this grandmother had that bad luck and ended trapped, but ended the path safely.



A group of young Jewish men was taken to the airport completely blindfolded so they would not be able to see any indecent women around. What a weird thing to see in an airport, don’t you think?



Not only there is a giant Mr. Potatohead in someone’s backyard (which would be extraordinary enough), but there is also a man on his knees praying to it. Why would you do that?

Tiger attack


The backstory behind this picture is amazing: a tiger tamer got his hand stocked inside a tiger’s mouth and decided to take a picture of it in case that was the last time he saw his hand.

That’s not safe


Seeing a man playing the flute is nothing extraordinary, but it kind of is when he is doing it while driving his car like it’s no big deal. Has this man attended any of the driving classes he had to?



We love this type of thing and they are quite extraordinary because we know that after this job, the guy who did this probably lost his job. But it’s worth it, it was very funny, don’t you think?

Stars That Passed Away Too Soon

It is absolutely sad when we hear the news of an actor, actress, singer or celebrity that passed away. We follow their everyday life as if they were our friends or family, and we feel as if we knew them. So it can really break us down if we hear of one of them leaving us, especially if they were young and had promising careers. I made a list of fifty famous people, from youtube young star to acclaimed actors and popular singers, let’s take a look at these stars that left us way too soon…

Caleb Logan Leblanc aka Logan Bratayley


Logan Bratayley was the eldest child of the Bratayley family, based in Maryland: a dad, mum, and three kids vlogging since 2011. He passed away at the age of 13, due to an undetected heart condition.

Cathriona White


Cathriona White was a makeup artist from Ireland. He was Jim Carrey’s girlfriend and suffered from depression. In 2015, she committed suicide after overdosing on a variety of prescription pills.

Simone Battle


Simone Battle was a singer and actress, known for being a finalist on the first season of The X Factor US. She was found dead in September 2014, at the age of 25. The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging.

Michael Johns


Michael Johns was an australian singer. He was one of the finalists in American Idol season 7. Johns died on 1 August 2014, at the age of 35 of dilated cardiomyopathy. Too soon and too sad.

Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse was a british singer and songwriter. She was such a talented artist. She died in July 2011 due to alcohol poisoning, at the age of 27. Her album Back to Black posthumously became, for a time, the UK’s best-selling album of the 21st century.

Whitney Houston


Whitney Houston was an American singer, actress, producer, and model. In February 2012, Houston was found dead in her guest room at a hotel. She had accidentally drowned in the bathtub, with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors.

Anton Yelchin


Anton Yelchin was an American television and film actor, known for his roles in independent movies mostly. On June 2016, friends found Yelchin’s body pinned between his Jeep and a brick pillar outside his home in what was described as a „freak accident“. Horrific death.

Brad Bufanda


Brad Bufanda was an American actor. He appeared in a number of television shows. On November 2017, Bufanda committed suicide at the age of 34 by jumping off of his residential tower in his apartment community of Los Angeles. A note was found at the scene, thanking important people in his life.

Michael Jackson


As we all know, Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He was the King of Pop and his death really shocked us all. He died in 2009 at his home in Los Angeles, due to an intoxication. He was found by his personal physician.

Andy Whitfield


Andy Whitfield was a Welsh actor known for his role in the tv series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Whitfield died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Sydney, Australia, September 2011, 18 months after his initial cancer diagnosis.

Lil Peep


Gustav Elijah Åhr akaLil Peep was an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He died in November 2017 of an accidental fentanyl-Xanax overdose.



Aaliyah Dana Haughton was an American singer, actress, and model. She was known for being „The Princess of R&B“. On August 2001, Aaliyah and eight others were killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas after filming the music video for the single „Rock the Boat“.

John F. Kennedy Jr


John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. was an American lawyer, journalist, and magazine publisher. He was a son of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. He died in a plane crash in 1999.

Kim Jong-hyun


Kim Jong-hyun was a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, radio host, and author. He was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee. He committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in December 2017.

Kurt Cobain


Kurt Donald Cobain was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with heroin addiction, chronic health problems, and depression. On April 1994, he was found dead at his home. His death was ruled a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

Jimi Hendrix


James Marshall „Jimi“ Hendrix was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music. He died at the age of 27 in September 1970, due to an accidental death from barbiturate-related asphyxia.

Elvis Presley


Elvis Aaron Presley was an American singer, musician, and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as „the King“. Prescription drug abuse severely compromised his health, and he died suddenly in 1977 at 42.

River Phoenix


River Jude Phoenix was an American actor, musician, and activist. On October 1993, Phoenix collapsed and died of combined drug intoxication following a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside The Viper Room nightclub at 23.

Heath Ledger


Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was an Australian actor and director. He was extremely talented. Ledger died on 22 January 2008 from an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs.

Marilyn Monroe


Norma Jeane Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer. She became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s. She struggled with substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. On August 1962, she died at age 36 from an overdose at her home in Los Angeles.

Brad Renfro


Brad Barron Renfro was an American actor and musician. He made his film debut at the age of 11 in the lead role in The Client. His career faded rapidly due to alcoholism and substance abuse. He died from a heroin overdose at the age of 25. Such a tragic death…

Cory Monteith


Cory Allan Michael Monteith was a Canadian actor and musician, known for his role as Finn Hudson on Glee. Monteith had a troubled adolescence involving substance abuse from age 13. On July 2013, he died of a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol in a Vancouver hotel room.

Bruce Lee


Lee Jun-fan was a Hong Kong and American actor, film director, and martial artist. On July 1973, at the age of 32, Lee died because of an allergic reaction to a tranquilizer. He had suffered from seizures and headaches several months before.

Brandon Lee


Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor and martial artist. He was the son of martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. On March 1993, when he was 28 years old, Lee died during the filming of The Crow after an accidental shooting.

James Dean


James Byron Dean was an American actor. He is remembered as a cultural icon. James Dean had previously competed in several auto racing events, and on September 1955, he was traveling to a sports car racing competition when his car crashed and he passed away. He was 24 years old.

Chris Farley


Christopher Crosby Farley was an American actor and comedian. He was known for being a member of Saturday Night Live between 1990 and 1995. Farley died of a drug overdose in December 1997, at the age of 33.

Tupac Shakur


Lesane Parish Crooks aka 2Pac was an American rapper and actor. On September 1996, Shakur was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries six days later. He was just 25.

Brittany Murphy


Brittany Anne Bertolotti was an American actress and singer. She was a really talented actress. Unfortunately, in December 2009, Murphy died of pneumonia at the age of 32. Her widower died from the same illness six months later. Such a tragedy.

Sage Stallone


Sage Moonblood Stallone was an American actor, film director, film producer, and film distributor. He was the elder son of Sylvester Stallone. Stallone was found dead on July 2012 at his home. He died of a heart attack caused by atherosclerosis.

Sharon Tate


Sharon Marie Tate Polanski was an American actress and model. Tate was one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses. In 1968, Tate married Roman Polanski but on August 1969, Tate and four others were murdered by members of the Manson Family in the home she shared with Polanski. At the time of her death, she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant.

Matthew Adam Garber


Matthew Adam Garber was a British child actor, best known for his role as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. Garber contracted hepatitis while traveling across India, which later affected his pancreas. He died of pancreatitis. He was only 21.

Matthew McGrory


Matthew McGrory was an American actor, known for his great height. On August 2005, McGrory died at age 32 of heart failure. Another young actor gone too soon.

Paul Walker


Paul William Walker IV was an American actor best known for his role as in The Fast and Furious franchise. Walker died on November 2013, at the age of 40 in a single-car crash alongside friend and driver Roger Rodas. Walker was working on three films at the time of his death which were released posthumously.

Gary Coleman


Gary Wayne Coleman was an American actor, best known for his role as Arnold Jackson in Diff’rent Strokes. He was such a promising star. He had money problems and sued his family and unfortunately, in May 2010 Coleman died of an epidural hematoma at 42.

Johnny Lewis


Jonathan Kendrick Lewis was an American film and television actor. Lewis is best known for his role on Sons of Anarchy. His death was very tragic: he killed her landlady and her cat and when he tried to escape, fell from the roof and died too. Absolutely sad.

Natasha Richardson


Natasha Jane Richardson was an English stage and screen actress. She was very talented and was married to Liam Neeson with whom he had 2 children. Richardson died on March 2009 from an epidural hematoma, after hitting her head in a skiing accident in Quebec, Canada.

Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip Seymour Hoffman was an American actor, director, and producer. Best known for his distinctive supporting and character roles, typically low lives and bullies. He was regarded one of the best actors of his generation. Hoffman struggled with drug addiction as a young adult and in February 2014, he died of an overdose.

Sawyer Sweeten


Sawyer Storm Sweeten was an American child actor. He was best known for playing Geoffrey Barone on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. On April 2015, Sweeten died at the age of 19. The cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Selena Quintanilla


Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, model, actress, and fashion designer.She also ranks among the most influential Latin artists of all time. Sadly, In March 1995 she was murdered by the manager of her Mexico boutiques, Yolanda Saldivar.

Lee Thompson Young


Lee Thompson Young was an American actor. He was known for his role on the Disney Channel tv series The Famous Jett Jackson. Young had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been suffering from depression and sadly, on August 2013, he was found dead by the police in his apartment. He had committed suicide.

Chris Cornell


Christopher John Boyle was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He was best known as the lead vocalist for the rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. Cornell suffered from depression and substance abuse problems. He was found dead on May 2017, after performing at a Soundgarden concert hours earlier. He had committed suicide.

Robert Knox


Robert Arthur Knox was an English actor who portrayed the character of Marcus Belby in the film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Knox died at the age of 18 after he was stabbed outside a pub in South East London, on May 2008. He had intervened in a fight to protect his 17-year-old brother Jamie, who was being threatened by two men, one of whom was armed.

Dolores O’Riordan


Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan was an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. She led the rock band The Cranberries. On January 2018, while in London for a recording session, O’Riordan died unexpectedly. She was 46. 

Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan was an American actor, best known for his breakout role in The Green Mile. He suffered a heart attack in July 2012 but unfortunately died on September 3.

Patrick Swayze


Patrick Wayne Swayze was an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. Swayze became popular for playing tough guys and romantic lead males, gaining him status as a sex symbol. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and died in 2009.

Donna Summer


LaDonna Adrian Gaines was an American singer, songwriter, and painter. She was described as the „undisputed queen of the Seventies disco boom“. Summer died on May 2012, from lung cancer, at her home in Florida.

Jim Morrison


James Douglas Morrison was an American singer, songwriter, and poet, best remembered as the lead singer of the Doors. He is regarded by music critics and fans as one of the most iconic and influential frontmen in rock history. Morrison developed an alcohol dependency during the 1960s. He died at the age of 27 in Paris. The exact cause of Morrison’s death remains unknown to this day.

Lady Diana


Diana, Princess of Wales was a member of the British royal family as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, She was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. In August 1997, Diana was killed in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

James Gandolfini


James Joseph Gandolfini Jr. was an American actor and producer. He was best known for his role as Tony Soprano, in The Sopranos. Gandolfini died at the age of 51 in Rome, on June 2013 of a heart attack.

Chester Bennington


Chester Charles Bennington was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He was the lead singer of the bands Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, and Stone Temple Pilots. In July 2017, Bennington was found dead at his home in California, having committed suicide by hanging.

Things You May Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

Life is hard enough, so why not make things a bit easier? There’s a lot of little problems in our daily lives that we do not perceive as a problems, but finding a solution would definitely be an improvement. Sometimes the solution is so close and we still do not see it. Here are 37 brilliant tips to solve the problems you don’t know you have. We promise that you will have some surprises and you will want to try these tricks right away.



Are you also annoyed that, some eggs simply can not peel after cooking? Try this next time: Peel only the egg tips and then blow it vigorously. This makes egg detaches easily from the shell. It peels off almost by itself!



Ketchup from glass bottles sometimes don’t come out, and sometimes come out too fast. The company Heinz has a small 57 marked on the sides. Just tap exactly at that point and even the bottle. That way you can control de Ketchup flow.



Would you like to eat a firm yogurt on the way, but you can’t take a spoon with you? Just roll up the lid to a small practical spoon. You can then throw it away with the cup when you have emptied your yogurt. Brilliant!



Sure that’s enough? Spaghetti spoon can help quite simply: Put dry spaghetti into the hole in the middle. That’s exactly one portion!



When sauce is cooked then comes the next dilemma: The spoon can’t remain in the pot, because it burns. Simply dropping is not possible, because it will make a mess. Ingenious trick: Put the cooking spoon into the handle hole and everything remains clean.



This happens all the time: You give your child a boxed drink and the child presses too tightly and makes a mess. Just fold out the flaps. This way the drink remains in the box and T-shirt remains clean.



Toilet is clogged, and now? You need to have the right tool. Important to know: the rubber suction cup is for the drains. To unclog the toilet you need the rubber suction cup on the left. With the right tool you will be the perfect handyman.



Peanut butter is delicious, but quite greasy! It is not so delicious when the whole oil settles in the bottom of the glass. You can prevent this by simply placing the peanut butter jar upside down. This way the oil remains distributed and you can perfectly enjoy your peanut butter.



Many people don’t like to drink from the can. Unfortunately, the straws are always way too long, they drift upward and fall out. This can be easily prevented by rotating the cap over the hole and pulling the straw through the eyelet.



Have you ever wondered what is this funny thing at the back of your shirt? That actually has a meaning! You can simply hang the shirt on the clothesline or a hook without crumpling.



I bet that you think you’ve always done this the right way? The long side of the hairpin goes down, right? That sound logical? It’s not correct! If you put the wavy side to your scalp, the pins hold much better!



Do you always stay with half the roll of aluminum or plastic film in your hand when you want to tear a piece off? Then you definitely have never looked at the side of the packaging. If you press the tabs as recommended, they keep the roll firmly in the box.



The to-go boxes at the Chinese are really handy to take away. But did you know that you can fold them easily to use them as plates? This way you will have room for sauce and your dishes remain clean. Great trick!



Toblerone is quite tasty, but also quite hard. To split it you often have to have your fingers full of chocolate. It’s faster and cleaner if you simply press the triangle with the thumb down. That way you can simply break off a piece.



These small things on the top of the cans are often quite persistent and can also win the fight with your fingernails. It is easier if you use a bottle opener. It is even simpler if you have it with your keys.



A pot of sauce is too little, two is too much. If you just fold the little pots apart you will have more space and you can fill just the right amount of your favorite sauce, and one is already quite enough! In addition, you can scratch the gravy with the sloping walls much better from the bowl.



Ups, I accidentally dropped half the box of Tic Tacs! Did you know that the bottom of the lid is specially designed so one Tic Tac fits and you can easily choose the amount dispensed? But who wants only one Tic Tac?



Peeling oranges for a long time leave your hands smelly. These times are now over. Because if you just cut the top and bottom pieces, cut the shell in one place and then pull the orange apart, you can simply and cleanly pull a piece from the shell.



If you want to peel a banana without sticking the annoying hairs to the fruit, just start at the bottom. How do we know this trick? From our hairy relatives: monkeys do it quite naturally! And if someone knows how to peel a banana, that is a monkey!



Cupcakes are delicious, but the the cream and the cake portion is somehow unfavorably distributed. You can hardly eat them without sticking your nose on the cream. If you simply cut the top and put it on the bottom half, you will have a delicious cupcake sandwich!



The next time you cut a watermelon, cut it crosswise into many handy pieces. That way you won’t have huge slices that are impossible to eat! In addition, the shape of the melon remains intact and at the next party you can look smarter and much more professional.



If you are already looking posh with a wine glass sitting there, you should also hold it accordingly. The style is not for decoration! You should hold the glass with your thumb and index finger. Do not worry, you do not have to cling to your glass, it will not run away!



Is annoying if the headphones wiggle, slide and constantly fall out, right? This can be easily prevented by carrying it just as intended: lead the cable behind the er and everything is already sitting perfectly and you can enjoy your favorite music stress-free.



There you have such a nice, juicy pizza then you take a piece in your hand and everything falls down. If you simply fold the pizza U-shaped so that the edges do not hang down, the whole piece becomes more stable and the whole surface stays exactly where it belongs.



Chicken Wings are sooo delicious but soooo small. To get the most out of your little friends just pull the cartilage on the top of the wing and remove the bone completely. A piece of meat is left behind, into which you can simply bite.



Summer time is strawberry time. Stems can be very annoying when you eat fresh strawberries. With a simple trick you can prevent this: just push a straw from the bottom through the strawberry and this will completely remove the stem. Bon Apetite!



How do you actually cut a mango? Very simple: cut the fruit into 3 slices. Simply peel the middle disk, use the two outer ones as a tray, and cut the pulp with several crosses. At the end, separate the pieces with a knife from the bowl and you only have the pulp left!



When you are doing push-ups it‘ is very important that you hold your butt straight and do not move with the buttocks and back but with arms and stomach muscles! After all, they are the ones you want to train.



Another exercise where you should place your butt in the right place is squats. The thighs must be at the lowest point parallel to the ground. This means that you should not stretch your butt like a duck, but take it down with you!



Girls only! Why is this little bag really in your panties? On one hand you can store your already opened tampon clean and safe until you are ready to take it to its destination. On the other hand, you can simply put a handkerchief here if you do not have a panty liner. So everything stays tight, if you lose one or the other droplets.



Do you find it so annoying when you have to tie your shoes all the time? You can prevent this by tying the loop horizontally. This makes the loop much tighter and does not detach easily. Be careful the next time!



Peeling potatoes is a horrific for most people. The potato is usually still boiling hot and you can easily burn your fingers. The next time boil the potato, and then dive it in ice cold water. You will see that the shell comes off easily.



The BLT sandwich (bacon, lettuce, tomato) has long been a classic in America. Unfortunately, the long slices are not really designed to be placed on a sandwich. You can change this by simply folding the slices of bacon to a grid as big as your toast. In the end you will have a perfectly matching, crispy bacon layer. Try this American classic right away!



Nail design is an art and it starts with applying the nail polish. The result is more beautiful when you start with a point in the middle, first downwards, then upwards and finally successively distributed along the sides of the nail, as seen in the picture!



Household appliances that clean themselves. Great, isn’t it? Your mixer can do that too! Instead of cleaning it under running water, simply fill in some water, rinse and let the mixer do what it does: Mix. You will have a clean mixer – without having to do much!



When you press the ends of the aluminum roller, the roller will hold itself. If you want to fight bad smell on the toilet it helps to drip a few drops of your favorite fragrance inside the cardboard of the toilet roll. There the scent keeps itself super and spreads in the whole bathroom. When you make knots at the ends of the floss, you can hold it much better.



Why do some Lollis have a hole in the stick? On one hand, this has to do with production, but on the other hand, this is supposed to save your life. Because the lollipops inside are hollow, you can still breathe through the stick if you accidentally swallow it.



Love popcorn, but don’t love how those un-popped kernels can chip your teeth? Next time you pop a bag of corn, open the bag just a little and, in the words of Taylor Swift, shake it out. Yes, shake those kernels out, right into the trash. There, perfect popcorn and not a chipped tooth in sight!



Keys! They are the bane of my life. I’m forever mixing them up or losing them. You too? Well, fear not, this hack will help you out. Use nail polish to colour co-ordinate your keys. There. You’ll never use the wrong key again. Bonus: You now have keys in every colour of the rainbow.



You’re out doing your grocery shopping like the responsible adult that you are, which means you’ll need a shopping cart. What’s this I hear you say? You don’t have a quarter for the coin slot on your cart? I hear you. This happens to me all the time. Use your key instead. Just don’t forget to remove it when you’re done!



This is a great life hack for those days when you’re at the beach and would rather not leave your valuables exposed when you go for a swim. Wrap them up in a diaper. Nobody will go near that thing!



Love heels, but have trouble walking in them? Tape your toes! It might look at little odd, but taping your toes will help with the foot pain caused by high heels. The things we do for fashion!



Tired of your computer and phone chargers falling to the floor every time you unplug them? Here’s a simple life hack for you: delve into your office stationary supply and find some clips that will keep all of your chargers in place. Genius!



Out of space but still have so much more recycling to do? Use cardboard (old pizza boxes are good!) to add another level to your recycling bin.



This is a genius food hack that you can share with all your friends. Add one teaspoon of baking soda to hard-boiled eggs to ensure effortless removal of the shell. Easy peasy.



Whiskey and Salad may not work together, but guess what does? Using an alcohol miniature as the container for your salad dressing. Your friends may at first think you’re an alcoholic, but when you explain, I bet they’ll be impressed.



Getting people to take you seriously is hard, I know. Here’s a top tip: If you really want to be treated like an adult, buy a briefcase. Now, everybody will think you are a very important person. I guarantee it.



Don’t have a corkscrew for your bottle of wine? If you have a toolbox, then you’re good to go. Push a screw into the cork and use a hammer to prise it back out again. I mean, it seems like it could work.



Use a straw to easily pop the stem off a strawberry. This is something you really didn’t think you needed to know, but will probably use at some point in your life. Like when you can’t find a knife.



For a professional level ice-cream sandwich, take a sharp knife and slice directly through the ice-cream container for perfectly round circles of ice-cream.

Hotels That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

I love hotels. When I’m in one I like to feel like a millionaire, using all the amenities and things they have to offer. The thing is… I don’t have money. And when you don’t have money you have to settle with what you can afford, and that’s usually a crappy hotel. We gathered fifty hotels that are so terrible at hospitality, good taste and security that should be closed down. Try not to visit them at any cost, even if they are free of charge. Well, we can discuss it if it’s free. Do the Check-In in these fifty funny hotels that fail so much they should have negative stars.



When an airplane engineer needs a now job and tries to design a hotel, this happens. The bathrooms are so small you can hardly open the door. Go back to plane city where you belong.



„Hey, this guy doesn’t have the „help me“ sign on his door. We can’t help him. I know he is screaming for help, but the sign is not here, see? No „Help me“ sign, let’s go on“



We don’t have enough money to fill all the cabinets with crap so we are making fake cabinets. They look good and people will think we are luxurious and wealthy.



We have a new service at the hotel: instant coffee in your sink. Ok, I’ll tell you the truth: Brian is an idiot that dropped a whole sack of coffee in the water supply. Enjoy your stay!



What a lovely hotel. Imagine that you leave your luggage on the floor, open the window take a deep breath and look at the swimming pool and you see… What is that? Is that a…?



Oh, now THIS IS HOW HORROR MOVIES BEGIN. Is there anyway you can give negative stars to a hotel? Because I think this one deserves minus thirty stars. Or maybe fifty.



We told you that the hotel has a pool, but that doesn’t mean that the pool can be used. We tried to covered it with toilets.. Shut your curtains and enjoy.



Ok, sorry for the inconvenience, but I think I will pay for my entire stay and leave. I prefer to sleep in the train station, ok? Have a nice life. Bye.



This isn’t even funny, i think I peed on my pants just by looking at this picture, imagine walking into the bathroom and finding this guy looking at you (and that’s the best of the cases)



I must have fainted and woke up like ten years after I left my car in this hotel’s parking. If i had that money I would buy a house to spend the night and then burn it down.



This look like a sign in one of those awful dystopian movies. I’m paying you, dude! I can do whatever I want. This is not my mom’s house, I saved like a year to come here.



A „Don’t smoke“ ashtray! How clever, this is like reverse psychology. I’m sure this hotel also offers a don’t eat burger, a don’t drink whisky and a don’t shoot gun.



If you go to the Swimming Poll you will be asked about how do you swim, what type of tiles do you prefer, if you like blue or green pools, the prefered depths and that kind of stuff.



This room has two twin beds, meaning that the ones that are staying there are probably not a couple, so why on earth does that have A TRANSPARENT BATHROOM WALL? It is ridiculous.



I don’t know what the hell was that supposed to mean but this is funny. I wonder what hotel has dinosaurs hanging around, I want to go to that hotel right away.



These guys turn on the lights of their hotel room and looked up. That looks like a pair of… Maybe I’m too obsessed, but tell me you also see this, it looks like a pair of…lady parts.



This is what happens when you study architecture in a Seven Eleven. You were supposed to leave room for the vent but you forgot, I’m sure you thought no one would notice.



Vacations are about sharing, ok? And this hotel wants to force you to share with the ones you love even when you are at the bathroom. There’s no excuse, just share!



This guy wanted to save money, so he decided to use only one door for the closet and the bathroom, I’m sure this way he saved tons of money, he must be a millionaire now.



Let’s face it, this is probably where all the suggestions go in all hotels, at least they are being honest and saving time so they can keep being a shitty hotel.



It’s nice to get gifts from the Hotel you are staying at, especially because you pay a million dollars for the service, but they don’t have to be so generous, that box looks expensive.



You must have suspected a little when you saw the curtains closed in the advertising image. If the room has incredible views, they will show you the incredible views, trust me.



Our hotel has a lovely sitting area with two comfortable armchairs (with no arms) and a stylish coffee table. You might find it difficult to get there, though. The employee in charge of changing the flowers hate us.



This architect is a criminal. I was imagining myself sitting there minding my business, finishing and having to crawl all the way to where the paper is, doesn’t make any sense.



This is the second hotel they made, the first one was „Phuc dis“ and it was a huge success. If this is not the greatest hotel name ever, I don’t know which one is it.



This is what happens when you let Queen Elsa stay at your hotel and don’t give her the proper treat. She gets mad and she freezes everything out. Calm down, Elsa.



„Dear Guests: Sorry for the inconvenience, we messed up the numbers and we are not going to change them, even though doing that would be easier than printing a sign“



They didn’t even took the job of taking the „Marshalls“ off that stolen shopping cart. It looks like a nice hotel, there’s no point in using a stolen cart for the used towels.



Our hotel has amazing views of the Denver Capitol (Ok, the Denver Capitol tip) and it also have amazing views of the place where a gigantic space frog landed and left a mark.



Forget about sharing your room with anyone else than yourself. And no, that’s not a snake, that’s a belt, I spent three hours screaming because I thought that was the point of this photo.



Didn’t you know that blind people need to TOUCH in order to read the Braille language, you stupid moron? Why on earth would you put the sign behind a plexiglass?



How many times have you seen chinese letters decorating a room? Why would you think is weird that in China they decorate rooms with latin letters? They do, and it look awful.



Who needs drugs when you have a carpet that has the same effect? Is it just me or this carpet is moving? The designer of this hotel is a jackass, I have a headache.



Oh, thank you, Canadian friend! I’m going to get my car and GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS AREA, then. But again, thanks for letting me know, you are a sweetheart. MOVE.



Less elevator space means more room space, ok? And to be fair you asked about the sizes of the rooms, not the elevators, we are not cheaters. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.



This is offensive. How do you know I’m alone? Maybe I don’t want to be disturbed because I’m having a good time with someone else. I’m going to the front desk to ask for some condoms. And then I will inflate them and play while watching Netflix.



This designer has thought it all! Phones today are mostly waterproof, so why wouldn’t you want to charge your phone while in the shower? Brilliant! (And by brilliant I mean STUPID)



Wow, Chinese people are so polite they let you take a whole new life out of their hotels! You are lucky, because I know you’ve been having a shitty life lately.



„Our hotel offers a tv that can be seen from the bed unless you have a pair of binoculars, that are not included in the rate. Ask for your binoculars in the Front Desk or calling 17“



This wasn’t so hard to accomplish, Ben! I mean, you write „red“ in the red one, „blue“ in the blue one and „yellow“ in the yellow one. And if you have any doubt just ask.



What am I supposed to do, genious? I would expect a „Don’t Panic, everything is ok“ sign, not this shit. I’m sure there’s another sign near the phone that says „Don’t yell in case of fire, dial 17“



Haven’t you hear about saving energy? This is what I call being a responsible stingy. You have to talk to the guy next door and ask if he wants to turn on the air conditioner too.



This hotel promoted a full body mirror as a luxury detail. The thing is that this mirror has a certain hidden… hinge. What’s behind this mirror? I’m not sure if i want to know.



This guy probably built this hotel with the money he got when he divorced his wife, that was Estonian. She built a hotel too, and it was named „American Asshole Hotel“



When you lie on your resume about your english level and then they ask you to write an entire easy phrase but you have no idea of what you are doing.



This is how a horror movie begins, Brian. Don’t even think of spending the night in a place that has a sign that looks written by a serial killer or a 5 years old.



This isn’t that bad. I mean, you will never look as bad as you look in the mirror. You will always look like shit no matter what, and look stunning in real life. I guess, I’m confused now.



So this is why the gym looks bigger in the advertising photo. On the bright side, you will never feel alone when you are working out at this hotel’s gym.



Who decorated this hotel room? Was it Norman Bates? This painting looks so creepy that I would check-out immediately. Well, if it’s very cheap I think I can handle it.



I don’t know why are you complaining, this is a safety thing! What would happen if you are in the shower and a fire starts in the bathroom? You will thank us later.